Virtual CTC

This summer will be yet again mainly online. This decision was not made lightly by the command team. CANCDTGEN 002/21 was the notice that was sent out with regards to summer training. With that being said there are other options available for in-person this summer (dependent on COVID-19 restrictions come the summer). There will be a Summer CAP which will be day-to-day training sessions here in Sarnia (location could change). Please be sure to check out Cadets Ontario Facebook and Cadets.ca for all of the updates in regards to the summer training.

Once you click on an image and it will bring up that course you clicked on! There are 18 courses!

1. Bas Avi
2 Adv Avi
3 Aero
4. Air Ops
5. Sur
8. Bas Mil Band
9. Int Mil Band
10. Adv Mil Band
11 Bas PD
12 Int PD
13 Adv PD
14 CCW
15 FS
16 Coaching
16 IT
17 EC
18 CCT