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Who are Army Cadets?

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets are teenagers craving exciting outdoor activities where their personal limits as individuals and team-members are tested.

We are proud members of a national youth organization that strive to excel in:

  • Leadership;

  • Citizenship; and

  • Physical Fitness.

If I join Cadets, do I need to join the Military?

The short answer is: No.

While the cadet program does foster a better understanding of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Department of National Defense provides funding for the program, cadets are absolutely not in the military!  You will not handle firearms, throw grenades, drive a tank or fight overseas!  But you will go abseiling, canoeing, camping, patrolling, go on ‘exercises’, and learn to lead other cadets – just to name a few.  Also, you’ll play a special role in things like the annual Remembrance Day parade and other community events. Certainly there are a few cadets who might choose to go onward to a military career, but it is not required. Cadets teaches you life skills that you will take with you on whatever path your choose.

What do Cadets do?

Here are just some of our activities: Expeditions (Ontario, Canada and overseas), Hiking and Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Camping, Orienteering and Military Navigation Training, Air Rifle Shooting, Biathlon Team, Marksmanship Team, Drill Team, Winter Survival Training, Team Sports, Leadership & Citizenship Training, Radio Procedures, First Aid Certification, Summer Camps (we pay you to go!) and much, much more!

Army, Air, or Sea Cadets?

Well, we’re biased, but ARMY of course! All of the cadet organizations are fantastic and each will teach you valuable skills while having great fun.  The choice is yours.  All we ask is that you come to visit us on one of our training nights before you decide.  After that, you’ll know ARMY is the way to go.


Star Levels and Rank Structure

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Do you get to Shoot any Guns?

Once you have been adequately trained on safety precautions and handling procedures, and have proven yourself a responsible cadet, you might then be eligible to be coached as a target rifle marksman. Cadets who participate in marksmanship use the Daisy 853C Air Rifle, a pellet rifle designed for cadet use in marksmanship competitions.  Cadets are supervised at all times by the Range Safety Officer (RSO), senior cadets and coaches.

Will People be Bossing me Around?

You will have other, more senior, cadets in charge of you.  You will not be bossed around, belittled, or made to do things that make you feel uncomfortable.  You will, however, be guided by your seniors and be made to contribute to the corp’s overall tasks and goals.  You must follow instructions.  But once you have proven yourself to be a good follower, you will begin to climb the ranks and take on a leadership role of your own.  In no time you will have cadets of your own to command – and teach!  There are eight ranks, beginning with Cadet.  The sooner you join, the sooner you move up!

Do I get to Travel Anywhere?

102 Cadets are lucky because we have a chance to travel across Canada.  Throughout your cadet career, you will have a chance to go to different cities in Ontario, and sometimes other provinces.  This is especially true if you join one of the teams, as they often travel to competitions. The corps as a whole also does trips or citizenship training.  Once you have completed your cadet training and have obtained your National Star qualifications, you may be eligible to do an overseas exchange with 20-30 cadets from all over Canada!  Exchange cadets might go to Australia, England, or even Scotland!  Our corps has a proud tradition in this regard … we are accustomed to sending senior cadets almost every year across Canada and the world!

What Happens if a Cadet gets Hurt?

Several of our instructors are first-aid qualified. Should you get hurt, there are policies in place on appropriate courses of action, whether that be self-aid, medical treatment or a trip to the hospital.
If there are medical expenses, your provincial health card will cover most expenses. Further expenses are covered by your parent's private insurance plan, and finally, all the cadets are insured with the Army Cadet League of Canada, through a private insurance company. There are the last resort to pick-up and last costs.

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